Who’s Watching the House?

I sat next to an interesting fellow at breakfast one morning.  He was a retired police officer who told me he held the keys to at least five of his neighbor’s homes; he keeps an eye on them while they are away for the summer.  With his background it sounded on the surface like he might be the perfect person to trust with such a task.

Not necessarily.

How often does he watch the house?  Does he go inside on a regular basis or just keep an eye out from a distance?  Is he trained to do Home Watch?  Does he know the how to recognize the early signs of water damage?  Is he available 24 hours a day?  What happens when he is out of town?  Does he report back to you every time he visits the house?

More importantly, is he insured and bonded?

In some cases insurance companies have denied damage claims when property owners have used well meaning neighbors instead of Professional Home Watch Services while their home was unoccupied.

Denied claims and ruined friendships are simply not worth it.

Hire a Professional Home Watch company that is insured, bonded, trained and trusted.


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