Keyholding Services

It may become necessary to provide contractors and service technicians with access into your Alabama home. We can manage the process from scheduling and meeting them at your property, to supervising the project, locking up and securing things after their departure. This service is customized to your needs.

Coastal and Central Alabama Keyholding Services

We will open your home for deliveries and service calls when you cannot be there. We also can have your home cleaned, temperature adjusted and ready for you or your guests’ arrival.

Keyholding Services include:


  • Meeting contract vendors, repairmen and service technicians
  • Opening the house for deliveries
  • Freshening the home and preparing it for arrival
  • Holding keys for your VRBO rental
  • Meeting guests or renters
  • Departure cleaning
  • Regulating the home’s internal temperature
  • Winterizing

Keyholding Services for Coastal and Central Alabama


  • Personal shopping/filling the fridge in advance of your arrival
  • Stocking your pantry
  • Welcome baskets
  • Flower arrangements
  • Meals ready on arrival
  • Gathering other materials and supplies needed for your stay

Service and Repairs

  • Minor home repairs and maintenance
  • Repair and service referral services
  • Meeting service technicians
  • Project management

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